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About Lexxat

LexxaT is a recently created team of professional lawyers who had an extensive experience in domestic and international firms and decided to collaborate and provide a wide range of legal services for the benefit of national and multinational companies.
LexxaT and its professionals help clients with structuring transactions and business operations, handle corporate governance models, draft and negotiate commercial contracts, ensure full regulatory compliance and manage trial and arbitration disputes.
The structure of the firm allows us to establish a real partnership with our clients, according to their specific needs and request for flexibility. We provide consulting services making them counting on our timeliness, quality and efficiency also with regard to fees agreed.
The firm's professionals have developed specific expertise in various industries, including regulated industries such as IT, Health and Life Science, Telecommunications, Energy Market, Gaming, production and distribution of consumer goods.
The firm, with the aim of providing comprehensive assistance in the corporate context, also collaborates with certified accountants and public notaries to provide also a tax strategic consultancy and a real caring of all aspects of accounting and budget.
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